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Breed Sunrise

Approbation characteristics

  • Thousand-seed weight is 65-75 gr.
  • Diameter of sunflower head may vary from 23-24 sm.
  • Prominent sunflower head
  • Plant height


Biological characteristics 

  • Vegetation period of breed Sunrise do not exceed 110 days. It belongs to the group of the intermediate crop.  
  • White and grey mold-tolerant crop


Economic characteristics

  • Oil content is 53.0-54.0%.
  • Crop Yield is 30.0-32.0 с/ha.
  • Recommended density of sunflower planting before harvesting is 50 thousand of plants per hectare.
  • Seeds of the sunflower “Sunrise” are used in oil producing mainly.


Vegetation period

plant height


Oil content

Head size

Crop Yield

105-110 days

170-180 сm.


23-24 сm.

3,0-3,2 t/ha