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Sunflower hybrid EXPO 2017 (new)

Simple interline sunflower hybrid of early-ripe maturity group.

It was created by line-hybridization method. Female parent is CMS-line SV 567 A, male parent is branching line – pollen fertility restorer SV 268 B.

Hybrid is of high ecological plasticity, it is perfectly alined by plant height. During vegetation period there are even sprouts and even blooming and maturity stages.

Originator is Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants». Sunflower hybrid is producible and suitable for growing in forest-steppe, as well as in steppe and sub mountain zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Approbation characteristics

  • Mass of 1000 seeds is 65-70 g;
  • Diameter of sunflower is between 20-25 cm;
  • Plane, slightly prominent sunflower;
  • Height of  sunflower Expo 2017 reaches 160-170 cm;


Biological characteristics

  • Vegetation period of hybrid Expo 2017 is not more than 94 days. It refers to mid-early maturity group;
  • It is resistant to draught and lodging, it nearly does not shatter during dead-ripe stage.
  • It is resistant to mildew and broomrape.
  • It is tolerant to white and gray mold.


Economical characteristics

  • Hybrid oil content – 51.2% .
  • Crop yield -  39.0 c/ha.
  • Recommended density of sunflower planting before harvesting – 50 thousand plants per one hectare.
  • Sunflower hybrid Expo 2017 is grown for oil seeds.



Vegetation period

Plant height

Seeds oil content

Sunflower size

Potential crop yield

90-94 days

160-170 cm

51.2 %

20-25 cm

3.9 t/ha