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Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” is located 3 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk. Total area of agricultural lands is 9353 hectares, including cropland of 6623 hectares. The main activities are dairy cattle and crop.

Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” is a successor of “Kazakh experimental station of oil-producing crops at National scientific research institute of oil-producing crops” named after academician Pustovoyta V.S, founded in 1956 to scientifically provide sunflower production in the republic.

Today Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” as a part of Astana-business holding is a basis of advanced experience for the implementation of new up-to-date technologies of agricultural production. For a short period of time the machine and tractor fleet has been completely upgraded, seeding and tillage machinery have been renewed as well.

Organization purchased mineral fertilizers, plant-protecting agents, and a complete trail of machines for forage. Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” is a selection breeder of sunflower seeds and has the status of elite seed – growing farm. Ltd. is engaged in seed selecting and seed producing of oil plants as well as seed multiplication of other agricultural crops. The farm deals with livestock breeding to improve the breed of cattle, production, marketing and processing of agriproducts, approbation of scientific investigations and implementation of completed researches into manufacturing.
Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” researches artificial selection and primary seed breeding of oil plants and cereal crops. Science department is headed by candidate of agricultural science Sergey Sherban’. Breeding and seed-production of oil plants department develops intensive technologies on hybrids, sunflower breeds, rape, and oil flax, and bigseed false flax, mustard and soya cultivation. Altogether, the staff of scientific department consists of 32 researchers including two candidates of agricultural sciences from the Ukraine.

In 2013 the department of breeding and seed-production of crops and perennial grasses was founded. The head of the department is the candidate of agricultural sciences Konstantin Stepanov, the staff consists of nine people. The department collaborates in the field of breeding with French, German and Byelorussian colleagues.

Moreover, we are one of the leaders among Kazakhstani companies in the field of breeding and sunflower seed-production. Ten hybrids and two breeds of sunflower developed in Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” are registered and improved for utilization in the State Register of Selection Achievements of the republic of Kazakhstan.
In 2013 modern seed cleaning complex was built and launched at the enterprise- the lineup for cleaning seeds of corn and oil plant. Manufacture is the company of “PETCUS” (Germany). It contributed to increase seed production of agricultural crops. New lineup is made up of 11 items of modern machine models:

- Universal air-shoe separator for oil plant and agricultural crops processing.
Its capacity is 15 tones per hour at primary treatment (milling) of sunflower and 4 tones per hour at secondary treatment (seminal). - Grading machine PETKUS is a modern shoe separator for sunflower seeds and other crops calibration and processing.
- Indented separator cylinder is a modular system for sorting grains according to seeds’ length.
- Grading table for material sorting according to unit weight.
- Optical-electronic sorting machine equipped with digital camera (ScanMaster model) aimed to sort sunflower seeds.
- Steamer C2-10 for preceding treatment.
Besides, the lineup is equipped with up-to-date and reliable transport facilities: - Noria
- Roller-bent type conveyors
- Auger conveyors
- Troughed belt conveyor
- Storage bins for seeds.
All used machines and transport facilities are driven remotely from control room. This complex is two-men operated. All the seeds go through seed cleaning plant PETKUS and as the result, we get the material of European quality. Thus, this complex is capable to provide not only Glubokovskiy region with high quality seeds but also other regions of East Kazakhstan oblast.

Furthermore, our seeds found popularity both in other regions of our republic and in Russia Federation (Altay region).
There are 16 storages with total area of 20000m3 for agricultural crops distribution and keeping. The building of a better equipped storage was started in 2016 and the project will be completed in2017.
For rational use of space and more safe and continuous seeds keeping we introduced contemporary methods of keeping that is loading of foundation stock into handy packing – into big bags, designed for 500, 1000 and 1200 kilos.

Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” has an opportunity to sell seeds of such crops as sunflower, winter wheat, spring wheat, winter triticale, winter and spring rape, brewer's barley, lucerne and sainfoin. Hybrids and crops cultivated in Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants” are ecologically flexible, highly productive and suitable for different edaphic-climatic zones of Kazakhstan.