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Hybrid Kazkhstansky 465

It is early-ripe, high-yielding simple three-line hybrid of sunflower, it was created by line-hybridization method with the use of genetic systems CMS-Rf. Female parent is sterile simple hybrid (PG) (VKU-110A×VKU-34B), male parent is line- pollen fertility restorer VKU-138B.

Originator is Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants». Sunflower hybrid is well-machinable and suitable for growing in steppe, sub mountain zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The hybrid was included in the public register of RK breeding achievements in 2005. It is recommended to be used in Akmolinsk and East Kazakhstan Oblasts.


Approbation characteristics

  • Mass of 1000 seeds is 77.0-80.0 g;
  • Diameter of sunflower head is between 20-21 cm;
  • Slightly prominent sunflower head;
  • Height of  sunflower  Kazakhstansky 465 reaches 150-170 cm;


Biological characteristics

  • Vegetation period of hybrid Kazakhstansky 465 is not more than 95 days. It refers to early maturity group;
  • This hybrid is highly ecologically flexible,  it is resistant to draught and lodging, it nearly doesn’t shatter during dead-ripe stage.
  • It is resistant to mildew and broomrape.
  • It is tolerant to white and gray mold.


Economical characteristics

  • Oil content in seeds – 50.0%  - 51.0 %
  • Crop yield -  34.0 c/ha.
  • Recommended density of sunflower planting before harvesting – 50 thousand plants per one hectare.
  • Hybrid is intended for multi-use, i.e., coarse fractions can be used for eatable purposes, small grains are used for oil production.


Vegetation period

Plant height

Seeds oil content

Sunflower size

Potential crop yield

95-97 days

150-170 cm

50-51 %

20-21 cm

3.4 t/ha