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Sunflower hybrid Astana (new)

It is mid-season, high-yielding simple sunflower hybrid. It is created by line-hybridization method with the use of genetic systems CMS-Rf. Female parent is BKU-108A, male parent is line – pollen fertility restorer VKU-109B

Originator is Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants». Sunflower hybrid is producible and suitable for growing in dry-steppe areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Approbation characteristics

  • Mass of 1000 seeds is 78-80 g;
  • Diameter of sunflower is between 18-22 cm;
  • prominent sunflower;
  • Height of  hybrid  Astana reaches 160-170 cm;



Biological characteristics

  • Vegetation period of hybrid Astana is not more than 98 days. It refers to mid-early maturity group;
  • This hybrid is highly yielding with optimal sunflower decline, it is also highly-resistant to phytopathogens (broomrape, verticilliaceous wilt and sunflower moth)
  • It is resistant to draught and lodging, it nearly doesn’t shatter during dead-ripe stage.
  • It is resistant to mildew and 5 races of broomrape.
  • It is tolerant to white and gray mold.


Economical characteristics

  • Oil content in seeds – 52.0%  - 54.2 %
  • Crop yield -  34.0 c/ha.
  • Recommended density of sunflower planting before harvesting – 50 thousand plants per one hectare.
  • Sunflower hybrid Astana is mainly used in oil production, coarse fractions can be used for food purposes.



Vegetation period

Plant height

Seeds oil content

Sunflower size

Potential crop yield

96-98 days

160-170 cm

52-54 %

18-22 cm

34.0 t/ha