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Breed: Antos’

Breeder is Republican Unitary enterprise (RUE) “Scientific practical center of Belarus national academy of sciences in agriculture”

The Year of including the breed to public register is 2008


Morphological characteristics:

The plant in the tillering phase is of semi-running type. The stem is  115 cm high hollow and weak, between ear base and joint below is strong. Leaf is green with heavy wax coating. The ear is of cylindrical shape, white, completely awned, 11.6 cm long, having 35-40 spikelets in the ear. Awns are long and lacerated. Grain is semi-elongated and yellow. Development type is winter.


Economical-biological characteristics:

Average crop yield is 62.3 c/ha, maximal

Breed is mid-resistant to lodging, relatively resistant to drought, with good winter resistance.

Mass of 1000 seeds is 41.6 g at an average.

Average protein content is 12.8%, starch – 62.6%, falling number – 68 seconds


Breed of grain-fodder direction