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Hybrid Narym

The sunflower hybrid is created by interline method of hybridization when employing genetic systems of CMS- Rf (cytoplasmic male sterility and pollen fertility restorer with Rf genes). Female parent is CMS-line 305 A, male parent is branching line – pollen fertility restorer SV 138 B.

 Originator is Ltd. «Pilot farm of oil plants». The breed is well amenable to mechanic processing and perfectly suits to growing in forest-steppe and sub mountain zones of Kazakhstan.


Approbation characteristics

  • thousand-seed weight is 69,0-74,0 g;
  • diameter of sunflower head may vary from 19-20 sm;
  • a bit prominent sunflower head
  • plant height is 130-140 sm;


Biological characteristics 

<>··Resistant to such diseases mildew and broomrape.
  • White and grey mold-tolerant crop


Economic characteristics

  • Oil content is – 54.1%.
  • Crop Yield is 32.4 c/ha.
  • Recommended density of sunflower planting before harvesting is 50 thousand of plants per hectare.
  • Hybrid is grown for oil seeds.


Vegetation period

Plant height


Oil content

Head size

Crop Yield

96 days



19-20 cm

3,2 t/ha